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Purpose of the Competition
To raise the standards of publication design by honoring excellence in newspaper and magazine design, typography, photography, illustration and information-graphics.

The competition is open to all publications in the following main categories:

Magazines - Regularly published periodicals (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly);

Newspapers - National, Regional and Local newspapers published regularly (daily, semi-weekly, other);

Portfolio - Studios, photographers, illustrators and designers, who may submit portfolio entries free of charge.

Competition period
Entries must have been published during the Calendar Year 2004 (Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2004). Deadline for entries: September 5, 2005

Jury, judging and awards
The jury will be made of international experts in publication design, photography, illustration, information graphics and typography. The best works in categories Magazines (M1) and Newspapers (N1) will have chance to be awarded Grand Prix. Other categories are for Chimera awards only. All decisions with respect to granting of awards are the sole discretion of the jury, which has the right to close entry categories if no worthy entries are included in any of those categories. Entry categories are for organizational purposes only, and may not necessarily produce winners. Jury members will not vote in a case of judding their works.

The entries will be juried in September, in Warsaw.

An exhibition of the winners and participant will be opened in Portoroz, during the Golden Drum Festival. Winners and representative works from all entrants will be exposed in a special book publication covering the competition.

Entry fees
Entry fees are based on the average circulation of the participating publications (see chart). By participating in the competition, entrants give the organizer permission to use entries to propagate the results and promote future competitions at NO COST.

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